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Community led, privately financed, state supported, resiliency projects that are: 

Resourcient is a group of leading investors, strategists, and practitioners focused on building resourcient communities -- prescient about where they are headed, resourceful with their people and assets, efficient in utilizing scarce resources, and resilient in their ability to thrive in a rapidly changing world.  Our communities are in dramatic need of a range of infrastructure that will make them resilient to a growing list of existential threats.  California has already faced drought, flood, fire and rising seas.  Now we face a global epidemic.  All of these are putting even more pressure on communities already separated over issues of income, racial and ethnic disparity and unequal access to opportunity. 

We have developed legislation and an associated financing program that allows states to enable private funding at scale to be made available to support the building of critical resilient infrastructure projects.

Community created and supported projects to improve resilience and resource efficiency

Qualified by state agencies focused on best practices and risk management

Selected and financed by independent infrastructure investment entities

Backed by capital provided by state supported pension funds

Backstopped by state guarantees for projects qualified by risk management agencies

Resilient Infrastructure Finance Act


Perform under conditions of enormous stress and change:


  • Withstand, adapt and emerge stronger after tough times, and live better in good times.


  • Have deeply seated beliefs and strongly held values, and a relentless ability to improvise in the face of challenge.


  • Retain perspective.  See failure as a helpful form of feedback. Always be able to change course and keep progressing.  ​


  • Be grounded but also always striving and tinkering, seeking improvement, and making the most of your resources.


  • Derive meaning from difficulty.  Be not a victim, but a survivor.  




When you act, be both efficient and effective:


  • Achieve maximum productivity with minimum waste of materials, energy, efforts, money, and time.  Be organized, methodical, systematic, logical, orderly, and businesslike but do so in ways that maximize outcome per quantum of input.


  • Do the rights things and do them in the right way.  Achieve your result by finding a new way, rather than stepping on the efforts of others. 


  • Leave your surroundings and planet in a better shape than when you arrived.  Have lasting and memorable impact.




Achieve more with our personal, natural and economic resources by: 

  • Redefining what is and isn’t possible -- think outside the box and embrace creative destruction.     


  • Allow the success of the whole to assure the result for the self.


  • Acting, not accepting, making it happen.  Get in the game, take initiative, and influence the outcome.


  • Turn challenge into opportunity because you never stop the creative processes.


  • Even as you achieve, continuously raise the bar and hope for more.  



Have a clearer view of our future and how to deal with challenges yet to come:


  • Remain grounded in the laws of physics, math, chemistry, and biology, but unbounded by the limits of previous discoveries and conclusions.


  • Do your diligence, ask tough questions, face reality, but also see the fine line between the path not taken and the dead-end.  


  • Be a visionary – possess the ability to see what others do not or cannot.  Be simultaneously creative and destructive of your own prior creativity.  Play the game not one, but several moves ahead of the others.

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