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Entrepreneurs and Entrepreneurial Leaders

Entrepreneurs are the life-blood of our future, as they imagine, dare, and struggle to create the new technologies , ideas, and businesses that will shape a resourcient future. 


We have had the privilege to work with hundreds of entrepreneurs and leaders, including some of the most audacious, inspiring and game-changing leaders out there.  These are qualities we observe in the best of them:


  • Think for yourself and have a perspective on everything you do:  Make sure that perspective is:

    • Intelligently formed – Do your homework, put things in context, test your ideas;

    • Forcefully advocated – Write it down, put yourself at risk for your beliefs, make others challenge you;

    • Gently held – Learn and revise, let new facts form new beliefs, reflect progressive learning


  • Inspire diversity of ideas: Inspire those around you to explore new ideas and think differently.


  • Welcome disagreement:  Invite dissenting opinions.  Care about the right result not about being right.


  • Respond not react:  When challenged: Wait. Think. Then respond thoughtfully and forcefully.


  • Disrupt, frequently but graciously: Don’t be satisfied with the status quo.  Ask “What if?” and “Why not?” 


  • Leverage your team and network:  Teams are stronger than individuals.  So make lasting connections. Add value to others. Share advice and know how, and connect people who should get to know each other.


  • Focus on what matters: Cut through the static and clutter, focus on the few things that really matter. Speak only when you have something important to say.


  • Be proactive:  Don’t wait for new ideas and new technologies to find you; seek them out.  See what’s coming because you are looking for it. 


  • Believe:  Always expect the best.  Believe in your own power to achieve your dreams.  You can change the world.





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