Our business is all about people.  Great technologies cannot find great people, but the best teams tend to find the best technologies. Ultimately, that too is your role, as entrepreneur and CEO -- to surround yourself with the very best people possible for building your business.


We have worked with and backed some of the most talented and storied CEOs in the entrepreneurial technology world and our experience has taught us that finding and working with that very small number of really great entrepreneurs is the most important success criterion of all.   If you are that caliber of entrepreneur, you are often characterized by a few tangible factors -- intelligence, extreme ability to focus, endless drive, unwillingness to accept no as an answer, ability to lead and get the best out of others -- as well as a lot of less tangible factors -- being able to bound ambition with reality, the ability to listen as well as to lead, great insight about the business you are in, a finely honed sense of product and how that product relates to its market and an accute sense of timing.  Admittedly, you are often not the easiest people to work with or for, but you do have the ability to get the best out of those who work with and for you.


You clearly understand the difference between being in the top 10%, the top 1%, the top 0.001% and actually being "the top."  As with the very best athletes, you and we both understand that being at the very top requires a rare combination of innate skill level (whether athleticism or intelligence), drive and determination, and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to step up and deliver when it counts most.  But business is a team sport and we also both recognize that winning ultimately requires surrounding ourselves with the necessary talent and drive to assist us in achieving our goals.  


It is our job to selectively choose the individuals who meet the foregoing characteristics, but it is also our job to ably assist you in assembling the team, the capital and the partners to deliver on your objectives.  That is why we constructed resourcient to be more than just an investor. We believe that our ability to provide relevant and seasoned advice and to connect you to the resources you need, is as or more important than access to our capital.