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September 16, 2017

San Francisco Chronicle 

September 15, 2017 

Struck by two hurricanes enhanced by climate change, our urge is to rapidly assist, fix and rebuild. A more thoughtful response should also address what exactly should be fixed, and how and where to rebuild in a more resilient...

February 20, 2017

Truth, Trust, Communication, and Community.

Truth is boring. It doesn’t sell ads; doesn’t attract audiences; doesn’t excite us; and nowadays it doesn’t win elections.  Truth is just is what it is – in today’s world, truth is easy to ignore.

Trust too is boring. We only...

January 19, 2017

Today’s economic choices are determining the future of mankind. Population trends suggest we are headed toward a planet of 9+ billion people. Recent global political and resultant economic decisions imply a quality of life for many billions ranging from unpleasant to n...

August 16, 2016

What will it take for investors to succeed?

A recent report published by the MIT Energy Initiative, entitled Venture Capital and Cleantech: The Wrong Model for Clean Energy Innovation, published July 2016, has stirred up a lot of renewed interest in clean energy investm...

May 28, 2016

Stephan Dolezalek speaks to how Resourcient sees the transition to a more resourceful planet at EY Better World Forum in San Francisco

May 19, 2016

Each of Stephan Dolezalek, Stefan Heck and Andrew Shapiro were on stage at the recent Fortune Brainstorm-e Conference.  Stephan spoke about the recently announced Breakthrough Energy Coalition, Stefan spoke on "Greening Transportation" and Andrew both interviewed ex-NR...



Dynamic. Open. Fast. Innovative

These are not words we typically associate with the energy industry. But amid the noisy debate between climate change activists and deniers, supporters of fossil fuels and renewables, most have overlooked profound changes that...

April 27, 2016

Stefan Heck participated in a panel discussion on "Disruptive trends driving innovation" at EY's Igniting Growth Through Innovation Event, 27 April 2016. He focused on the "resourceful planet" megatrend.

April 11, 2016


FORTUNE COMMENTARY by  Peter Shannon  

After years of struggling to raise money, there may now be a formula that works.

Over the past three years, clean-tech funding has been in the doldrums. In 2014, investors poured $2 billion into clean tech, but that number d...

January 22, 2016


FORTUNE: It’s a radical idea.


By most measures, the Paris climate talks last month were a success. In the end, 195 countries agreed to reduce their carbon emissions enough to limit global warming to 2.0°C. And rich nations agreed to pay poor countries that are vulnera...

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January 19, 2017

May 28, 2016

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