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Resourceful Planet

Stephan Dolezalek speaks to how Resourcient sees the transition to a more resourceful planet at EY Better World Forum in San Francisco

The Resourcient Team at Fortune Brainstorm-e 2016

Each of Stephan Dolezalek, Stefan Heck and Andrew Shapiro were on stage at the recent Fortune Brainstorm-e Conference. Stephan spoke about the recently announced Breakthrough Energy Coalition, Stefan spoke on "Greening Transportation" and Andrew both interviewed ex-NRG CEO David Crane and moderated a panel on "The Zero Energy City." Here is some of the coverage on their participation: Tesla Backers: We Must Bet on Both Miracles and Existing Technologies [Video] How Not to Build the Clean Energy Company of the Future [Video]

Energy’s Bright New Future: Think Small These five trends spell the end of big centralized power sys

FORTUNE Dynamic. Open. Fast. Innovative. These are not words we typically associate with the energy industry. But amid the noisy debate between climate change activists and deniers, supporters of fossil fuels and renewables, most have overlooked profound changes that are creating an energy future that is more affordable, resilient, customer-oriented–and cleaner. Energy is transitioning from large, centralized, monolithic systems that take years to build, last for decades, and seem immune to innovation to smaller, distributed, network systems that can be built in weeks or months and repurposed as needed. The benefits of this transition will be significant–economically, environmentally, and so

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