Resourcient Capital Partners is our investment affiliate.

Resourcient Capital Partners, L.P., is an investment partnership designed to produce capital gains from growth-stage investments in companies deploying the technologies driving our global energy transition, and current yield through infrastructure investments in those deployments. 


Our investment thesis is supported by two macro drivers:


  1. Individuals, corporations and institutions globally making decisions to implement technology-driven, cleaner and more distributed energy sources, particularly wind, solar and storage technologies plus the software, systems and services to manage those resources; and

  2. The declining costs of these new technologies making them grid competitive in ever greater parts of the globe; a trend that is accelerating even without the benefit of carbon pricing.


Those macro drivers are having real and current market impacts:


  1. Utilities are transitioning from asset ownership of capital-intensive legacy fuel systems to the management of grid-edge and distributed generation systems – often independently owned, and thereby shifting to software and service-driven business models on top of accelerated deployment of the underlying wind, solar, storage and associated hardware;

  2. Cities are migrating to data-intensive systems to more efficiently manage their energy, transportation, communications and lighting infrastructures and are similarly deploying new software and service models on top of new sensor, LED, electric and autonomous vehicle, and communication-based hardware systems.

  3. Corporations are hedging future energy and potential carbon costs by deploying self-generation and driving real cost savings through renewable assets, storage and energy management and efficiency systems.


As was the case in information technology, the leading edge of these hardware deployments in wind and solar are rapidly being commoditized, as will storage technologies, further bringing down prices, making these resources even more competitive and thereby accelerating the deployment of related resources, grid management and urban efficiency systems; but also reducing yields as they commoditize.  Those seeking attractive yield must therefore continue to migrate toward the leading edge of technology deployment.  Similarly, those seeking growth equity returns are best served by focusing on the areas of highest growth in deployment, particularly amongst those technologies pulled along by global wind and solar deployments.